8 Great Travel Apps

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I travel a lot. So I swear by a handful of travel apps.

There was one year where I was physically away from my apartment for almost 12 weeks – traveling. Whether you’re a travel pro or just someone who takes the occasional trip, you want to make sure you have the BEST time possible.

Whenever I travel, I like to live like a local and avoid anything super touristy. I have a couple apps that I swear by when I’m visiting a new destination. It’s always fun surprising Paul, my friends and my family with a really cool spot. They’re always asking – how did you find this place?

So here are my essential iPhone travel apps that will take your trip from good to great!

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1) Pinterest – I’ve pretty much ditched guidebooks at this point and rely on my Travel Guide boards that I fill with bookmarks before a trip. When I get to a destination, I can pull up my board and see all the things I want to do. It’s way better then lugging a guidebook around and it’s nicer when you have one big visual. The Pinterest app is also super easy to use and loads nicely.


2) Yelp – I find that Yelp is very popular in the US and a great place to read reviews on local businesses if you’re unsure about a place. I use this to also check out restaurants, spas or when I run into a snag and I need a dry cleaner, auto glass repair shop or any sort or specialty service.


3) Tripadvisor – When you want to make sure your hotel is not bedbug-infested or too good to be true, check Tripadvisor to read user-generated reviews. It’s come to the point that I don’t ever book a hotel without checking Tripadvisor first. I’ve also been able to find some bargain gems using this site, that I may not have considered before.


Lucking out on good weather in Hawaii!

Lucking out on good weather in Hawaii!

4) Weather Eye – I am guilty of being a bad packer. There have been times when I’ve shown up somewhere with three pairs of shorts and no pants in freezing cold whether. It’s my weather optimism that takes over every time and luckily, the Weather Eye app lets me load in my favourite cities to check the weather daily when I travel.


5) CheckPlease Lite – Make calcuating a tip or splitting the bill a bajillion times easier with this the CheckPlease tip calculator. The lite version is free!


6) XE Currency – How will you know if you’re overpaying for something? The XE currency app lets you calculate current exchange rates on your phone.



Saying yay to a fun hotel!

7) Hotel Tonight – Need a last-minute place to crash for a decent rate? I find the Hotel Tonight app to have the best user interface and ease of use when you’re in a panic and need to find a place fast. You’ll find discounted last-minute rates on some of the best hotels in town.


8) Gate Guru – Wondering what the heck there is to eat and do around your gate? Gate Guru has you covered with lots of tips, advice and food suggestions near you at the airport you happen to be stuck waiting at.



Do you have any favourite travel apps? I’m currently looking for a language translation app that will work offline. Any suggestions?