7 Ways To Save Money This Fall


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Welp, we bought a house last month and we’re going into lockdown for the next few months because of all the fees involved. We have closing costs, A LOT of furniture and appliances to buy, plus we need to cover the rent on our place in Portland AND our mortgage on our beach house until we can start renting it out in the spring.

If you’re trying to buckle down on your costs and spending, here are a few ideas on how-to save money this fall:

1) Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte

That expensive $5 latte is also really easy to make at home and a great way to get your fall pumpkin fix. The DIY version lets you control the amount of sugar and natural ingredients that are in your drink – so you know exactly what’s in it. Here’s a great pumpkin spice latte recipe to try out!


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2) Try Meal Planning + Buy Only What You Need

I’m totally guilty of buying a bunch of groceries and not using everything I buy. So I’ve started using this free downloadable + printable meal planner to figure out what’s for dinner this week. I buy just what I need and I’m not wasting food.

We’ve also started making ‘dump dinners’ at our house instead of resorting to eating out. Fall is great time to bust out your slow-cooker and make a big soup or stew on Sunday night that you can eat all week for quick lunches or last-minute dinners.

While you’re meal planning, inventory what you’ve got in your freezer and pantry and plan your meals around what you have instead of doing another big shop. I like to pick up rice, salad and fresh veggies to add to anything I already bought.


3) Find a New Workout For Less

Check out any local gyms or studios for an intro student special. Sometimes you can score 1-2 weeks for free. I also like checking Gilt City or Groupon to see if any local yoga or barre studios are offering 50% off class packages.


4) Score an Off-Season Travel Deal

Off-season starts now. The kids are back in school and there are some great rates and even Sunday night specials as otherwise super-pricey hotels that charge at least 30-50% more in the summer months. So if you had your eye on a getaway, check prices again now – they might be running an off-season deal. If you have vacation days to burn – you’ll save even more if you’re willing to go midweek.


5) Start Christmas Shopping NOW

Believe it or not, I used to start my Christmas shopping in JULY. Yup, a lot of stores have fiscal year-end targets to make and everything goes on sale. If you’re looking for bargains, shop near the end of the month or on weekends and slowly start compiling any Christmas gifts. It’ll hurt your wallet less if you’re organized and when December comes.


6) Unsubscribe

Bust out your credit card statement and look at your monthly re-billables. Are there any items you are being charged monthly for that you’re not using? What can you cancel?

While you’re at it – call your cellphone company and see if you can negotiate a better plan for a lower fee. Do the same with your credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate.

Do you also subscribe to flash sale emails? Unsubscribe to those too so avoid the temptation to buy something you don’t really need.

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Nuit Blanche art crawl in Toronto

7) Find Free Events

Grab a local magazine, newspaper or check online event listings and make a list of fun, cool, unique and FREE events happening this month in your city. Put it into your calendar, invite a bunch of friends and have a life without spending a ton of cash.


How are you saving money this fall? Any advice to share with us?