6 Nutrition Myths Wrecking Your Diet

Raw-PizzaBy: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition

I dare say that there are more nutrition myths out there than facts these days thanks to non-credible sources and the average joe or celebrity claiming to be nutrition experts. Here are some of our favourite (as in frustrating) nutrition myths:

1) Sea salt is better for your health than table salt. Sea salt still has sodium! Sodium is bad for your health period.


2) Detox diets cleanse my body. This is a personal favourite – if you eat healthy why would you ever have the need to “cleanse” your body in the first place?? Ahem, fibre? And if our bodies were meant to only eat one food for an entire week then why on earth wouldn’t we have figured that out by now?


3) Honey is natural so I can eat lots of it. Sugar is sugar people. What do you think they make high-fructose corn syrup from….Corn! That’s natural too. See the flawed logic?


4) Margarine is one molecule away from plastic. Ugh is all I have to say. Does this sound logical? Isn’t everything in this world made out of the same elements in some combination or another (think periodic table), so then aren’t we all but one molecule away from something else? Enough said.


5) Eating healthy is expensive. Okay I can see why some people may believe this, but let’s get back to basics. Nothing is cheaper and more nutritious than a bag of dried beans, albeit cooking skills required. But there are lots of healthy foods that are easy to prepare and easy on the wallet: tuna, bread, frozen veg, frozen fruit, canned or dried beans, rice, pasta, nuts and seeds, tofu, eggs…



6) Avoid carbs to lose weight. I’m not sure when exactly carbs got a bad rap, but sure if you eat too many of them you can pack on the pounds, but that’s true too if you eat too much of anything! Healthy, complex carbs like oats, quinoa, beans, etc are super healthy and provide fibre and important vitamins and minerals. They don’t spike blood sugar as much and keep you full and fueled longer. Too important to do without. So instead of AVOIDING carbs, how about choosing healthier ones?


For more nutrition myths and facts visit: Dietitians of Canada

Nutrition often times comes down to common sense, so if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. And if it isn’t then we will let you know!


The GetRealGurls are dietitians backed by science and experience. They share their honest thoughts and opinions about food, diet myths, and all things nutrition on their website: www.getrealgurlsnutrition.com. Follow them on Twitter @getrealgurls.