5 Wedding Technology Trends


By: Troy Williams

It’s not every day that you get the chance to fly up to Sonoma, California and attend a beautiful wedding. Not just any wedding either, but the most teched-out dream wedding planned by The Knot with details voted on by America.

Samantha & Taylor were selected from thousands of engaged couples across the country to have their unique story live-streamed for everyone to witness for The Knot’s Dream Wedding. Twice before this deserving couple’s plans to get married were cancelled due to the bride’s mother falling ill with cancer.


By hosting the event with the latest wedding technology on the market, Samantha’s Mom was able to watch her daughter’s dream wedding come to life from her hospital room. It was simply the best way to use modern day technology to witness one of the most traditional moments in a couple’s life.


Here are 5 of my favorite wedding technology features of Samantha & Taylor’s The Knot Dream Wedding that you can use for your own special event:




The MakerBot: Replicator Mini (a compact 3D printer) created two of the most memorable design elements of the wedding – the groomsmen cufflinks and the incredibly life-like cake topper.

The 3D printed cake topper for the Groom’s Cake literally made my jaw drop at its exact replica of the adorable couple. This wedding technology trend is able to create an authentically warm, one-of-a-kind and extremely personal design element that the couple will have for the rest of their lives.


All of Taylor’s groomsman had the MakerBot create whimsical 3D printed mustache shaped cufflinks for the special day. The guys looked great with them on their sleeves and were super fun, cheekily creative and surprisingly stylish too.


A Replicator Mini with a Starter Kit will cost you about $1870, but learn more about the many functions of this high tech gadget and a worthwhile investment at Makerbot.



Drones have become one of the hottest new trends at weddings and events and can capture some of the coolest aerial videos and photo footage of the special occasion. While the cool factor of having a drone at your wedding ranks pretty high on the planning list, you have to use it in the right moments.


Don’t fly the drone during your intimate wedding ceremony since the noise from its propellers can be disruptive. Keep it contained to the cocktail hour and reception when all of your guests have relaxed and can play to the camera for fun elements to be recorded.

Check out the leader in the drone aerospace industry www.DroneFly.com for more info on incorporating this wedding technology trend into your big day.

SomaBar - Machine - 3 - Pouring


If you want to really impress your guests then having the Somabar robot bartender in attendance is a fantastic option. Somabar is the world’s first app controlled automated bartending appliance. With its streamlined design you can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect craft cocktail in under 5 seconds.

Pick your signature cocktail for the wedding and watch your guests be thoroughly entertained as they witness this wedding technology trend in action firsthand. Plus, it’s sleek design looks great at any type of event being hosted. You can even control the alcohol content of the drinks so depending on how tame or wild your guests might be throughout the event, just tap your smartphone app and adjust how much liquor goes into each cocktail.

We were able to experience a prototype at Samantha + Taylor’s wedding, but the $450 home version should be hitting the markets soon.



If you’re a more modern day couple and want a clever and stylish guestbook like Samantha & Taylor, than you’ll want to add my next wedding technology trend to your “Must Have at Our Wedding” list.

Setting up a stylish iPad station for your guests to leave their guestbook messages is the coolest way to create a 21st Century experience for them. The elegant interface will keep your guests engaged as they leave you a special note on your wedding day. Super simple and fun to use so even the most non-savvy tech guests will find it a breeze to use.

Check out the app – GUESTS on iTunes



Only in 2015 can technology and style come together to create such a unique gift for your wedding party. Each of Samantha’s ladies received a Daydream Ringly cocktail ring for her wedding day.

Crafted with an 18K matte gold 3 micron plated setting and semi-precious rainbow moonstones, the wearables helped the ladies put their phones away, but stay connected to Samantha and one other in the chicest of ways.

Download the app, connect your ring and customize it to 4 vibration patterns and 5 colors that alert you to when you’re receiving a text message or phone call from the bride or anyone else important on the wedding day.

The $200 rings are available this summer 2015 in various precious and semi-precious stones in US sizes of 6, 7 + 8. Without a doubt, it’s a gift that your bridesmaids will continue to appreciate long after your wedding day and a cute piece of wedding technology at work.


If you’re planning your own dream wedding or have a friend in the middle of the process right now, then be sure to let them know about all of these incredible wedding technology options to incorporate into their special day.

New wedding technology made it possible for Samantha & Taylor to have an incredibly unique dream wedding. Even better – it gave Samantha’s Mom a first class view of it all even though she couldn’t be in attendance.

And that simply was the best dream to come true that day.



TROY WILLIAMS loves nothing more than to see a sparkle in someone’s eye when they realize their vision has been brought to life in a spectacular fashion by Simply Troy Lifestyle + Events. His attention to the details, both big and small, is consistently at an exceptionally high standard. He can make any not-so-simple job seem simple. Visit him at: http://simplytroy.com.



  • Ashlee Prisbrey

    I love love LOVE that 3D cake topper! I’ve even heard that they are working on EDIBLE 3D printer options, how much fun could you have with that! As a Tech lover I think all of these new trends are so much fun and I only wish I could have had some of them on my big day! Maybe I need an epic 20th anniversary party in a few years to take advantage of all this fun!

    • I know what you mean! At my wedding I had a PAPER guestbook + took polaroids of all my guests. Hashtags didn’t even exist back then! A big party to have any of these elements would be super fun.

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