5 Tips for Planning a Great Bachelorette Party


Wedding season is kicking off soon which means bachelorette party o’clock is happening right now. So you’ve been tasked with planning and hosting the BEST bachelorette party ever for your best girlfriend. No pressure right?

Where do you even begin? How do you deal with all the opinions and tastes? How do you manage collecting money from a big group of people? I’ve got a few tips for you on planning a great bachelorette party:


1) Pick a Memorable Location

The first thing to decide is if this will this be a one night party where you will celebrate locally or will this be an all-out weekend of debauchery at a fun destination? Consult with the bride and ask her where she would like to go. Then poll the bridesmaids and her closest girlfriends to see if a weekend in Vegas/Miami/NYC is do-able for everybody’s schedule and budget. You can always bunk four to a room, fly on points or go during low season.

If the bride wants to include as many people as possible, a local party is probably your best bet. But if you’re looking for a memorable getaway with just a small group of girlfriends – perhaps it will be a weekend trip. It could be a spa getaway in the country, a cottage rental in Muskoka, or a visit to a new city – anything is possible.


2) Pack it Full of Unique Activities

Once you’ve decided where you will be hosting the bachelorette, start researching fun activities for the group. Is there something incredibly unique that you can do as a group or at your destination that you can’t do at home?

Book an afternoon at the spa, take a local cooking class, hit up a comedy show, reserve a bunch of swanky dinners, go dancing, have brunch, go for afternoon tea or spend the day shopping. Ask the concierge at the hotel you are staying at for their opinion on the best ideas for your bachelorette party and let them help you.


3) Make Advance Reservations

The biggest mistake you can make is not having a plan and not making reservations. A schedule may seem dorky, but think of it more as a skeletal outline of how the night or weekend might go. You don’t need to do everything on that list – but it’s nice to have pre-researched suggestion in mind.

If you plan on hitting a club, book bottle service. If you’re going to book a limo to take you there, reserve that in advance. For any dinners, lunches or brunches – make advance reservations now. It’s impossible to just wing it when you’re a group of 6 or more – trying to get into the hottest restaurants in town.


4) Dealing With Different Opinions + Budgets

Let’s be real. It’s tough to get 4-6 people all to agree on doing the same thing. So don’t worry about everyone doing everything together. If someone wants to skip dinner and meet you for drinks afterwards instead – it’s all good. I think the best thing to do is plan a reasonable night or weekend that reflects the bride, her tastes and what she would prefer to do. Let people opt-in and opt-out and go with the flow, as everyone will have differing tastes and budgets.

Create a master schedule and let people know – there’s no pressure to do everything on the schedule. I also recommend consulting the bride throughout the process as surprises sometimes don’t always go as planned.


5) Make Collecting Money Easy

At some point you will have to put down a deposit for the hotel room, bottle service, party bus or spa reservations. Use an online service like TILT.com, which makes collecting money easy. Collecting money from your group is free and you can do it all in on easy place so you can easily track who has paid already. If you’d like to crowdfund to throw your bestie an amazing dinner and bachelorette, you can have everyone contribute an amount they feel comfortable and use the funds to host a fantastic night out.


What are your tips for planning a great bachelorette party? Have you done anything really memorable or have a great idea in mind?


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