5 Healthy Salad Recipes


Look around you.

Is everyone eating a healthy salad at the office? It must be JANUARY!

Gone are the Christmas tins of chocolate cookies and big fat shortbreads. They’ve been replaced with things like pressed juices and jars of almonds. We know that you don’t win friends with salad, but your health will be winning with these salads that don’t suck. Here are 5 healthy salad recipes to try out this month:

One of my all-time favourite salads is this Shrimp Caesar Salad by Martha Stewart (above). The shrimp are tossed in chili powder and have a very subtle spice while the broken up corn tortillas give the whole thing a very satisfying crunch. The whole thing is very low calorie and great for pairing with a vegetable broth for lunch or dinner.




I have been obsessed with Gjelina’s Kale Salad which is gently massaged with olive oil and a splash of white balsamic vinegar. The fennel slices give it a great crunch and the ricotta salata cheese provides a sublime saltiness to the whole thing. I like to make a big batch at the start of the week and eat it for lunch and as a side for dinner. Gjelina is a super hip but also crazy delicious restaurant in Venice, California on Abbot Kinney Blvd. Do give it a visit if you’re ever in town.


Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Photo Credit: The Pioneer Woman

I am dazzled by the patience and dedication of Ree, aka – The Pioneer Woman. Her Caprese Salad is made with homemade balsamic vinegar and arranged like art! Now if you don’t have time to make your own vinegar, Trader Joe’s makes a mean aged modena balsamic. This salad is so simple and full of flavour. Make it a meal by adding a slice of toasted crostini bread rubbed with a bit of garlic and maybe a glass of wine…

Chicken Cobb Healthy Salad

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

This is the Chicken Cobb Salad of my dreams. I came upon this recipe from The Kitchn on Pinterest and it’s super easy to throw together on a weeknight. My secret? I buy 1/2 of a BBQ rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, pre-washed mixed greens (to save time) and I use turkey bacon and half the cheese to keep this salad as healthy as possible. It’s also easier for me to sprinkle on a bit of cheddar cheese (which I usually have) instead of going out and buying a whole chunk of blue cheese that I probably won’t eat.


Photo Credit: Food Network

Photo Credit: Food Network

If you have canned tuna, mixed field greens and eggs in your refrigerator, then you’re already halfway to a Tuna Nicoise Salad. This is my healthy go-to hearty salad that eats like a meal. I sometimes swap in roasted sweet potatoes instead of boiled new potatoes and add avocado for a nice creamy texture. Make it all fancy by adding grilled ahi tuna or a piece of roasted salmon instead of canned tuna.




My Favourite Salad Tools – If you’re not big into cooking, think about investing into a couple of these salad tools to make your prep a bit easier. The less work after a long day, the better!

I swear by THIS Salad Spinner to get all the liquid off my greens. Look into a wooden salad bowl (I have this one) for pretty presentation and a pair of  tongs to properly toss your salad – it makes a world of difference.  For easy egg prep, I bought an inexpensive egg slicer that I also use for slicing big balls of bocconcini cheese and I use a microplane for grating.


What’s your favourite salad? Do you have a healthy salad recipe to share? Is there a kitchen tool that you swear by to make salad prep easier?