5 Bachelorette Party Tips


By: Katrina McKay

As Ohhh Canada’s CEO and resident sexpert, I’ve led sex workshops at over fifty bachelorette parties during the past two years – that’s a lot of bachelorette craziness. And while I can appreciate some phallic-looking silliness, I have some ideas on how to take your bachelorette party from silly and childish to memorable and stylish. So whether you’re the Maid of Honour – aka the organizer, or the bachelorette yourself, read on for a fresh take on the bachelorette.



1) Find a Great Venue –  I love to lose myself in Vegas as much as the next girl, but it’s been done. Instead, opt for a venue that echoes the personality of your guest of honour. If she’s an outdoorsy type, plan an afternoon hike followed by dinner at a ritzy steakhouse. Fashion-obsessed bachelorette? Contact a local designer and arrange a private studio visit, then hit a wine bar afterwards. Keep in mind that the party should feel indulgent – not just your usual girls’ night out.

From my experience, the best parties also seem to have multiple elements and activities that get everyone interacting. Plan for two to three distinct “sections” to the night – something a little decadent involving food (oysters and Champagne!), some time to socialize while doing something fun, and of course, a sexy element or two.



2) Choose a Colour Scheme – Please skip the “all pink all the time” theme – after all, it’s not a baby shower! I prefer a black and white theme, or even metallics. Both are easy to find decor for and exude elegance and glamour. If you still want some traditional elements like a bachelorette sash – those come in black and silver now, too, so not to worry.

Some bachelorette parties even impose a dress code. I’ve even seen entire bachelorette parties en blanc, which are lovely, however be careful not to put too much pressure on guests who might find outfit restrictions a bit of a drag.



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3) Sexy Decorations – Instead of streamers and pin-the-body-part-on-the-paper-cut-out, hang a clothesline and have each guest bring a piece of lingerie to hang on the line as their gift to the bachelorette. Let guests choose the type of lingerie they want to bring – be it a chic pair of panties or a bedroom costume.

Worried about fit? As the organizer, find out the bride-to-be’s sizes ahead of time and communicate these to guests who ask. And when in doubt – suggests that guests choose a universally flattering piece like a cute babydoll. If possible, get all of the lingerie hung while the bachelorette is in another room or before she arrives and play a little game getting her to guess who brought what – the answers are sure to surprise her!



4) The Word on Party Games – Speaking of games, if your group is up for one more, go for one that won’t alienate any of the guests. More and more bachelorette parties include the mother of the bride, who may not be quite as interested in truth or dare as the bride’s 20-something cousin.

My favourite bachelorette game is to have every attendee anonymously write down their best sex or romance tip on a cue card. Then it’s up to the bachelorette to shuffle through the cards and read the favourites out loud. To up the ante, distribute pretty pens and cards that match your colour scheme and the deck then becomes a keepsake for the bachelorette.


5) Let’s Talk Sex – Top off the night with some extra sexiness – and avoid the whole shindig feeling like a second bridal shower – by hiring a sexpert like me. Whether you want to learn how to please your partner in new ways, how to be your sexiest self or learn to talk dirty – fun sexy personalized workshops will get everyone giggling and learning together.

Plus, they’re usually easy to arrange – book ahead of time and yours truly can be pretty much anywhere in the world, or provide a referral to someone in your area. Get someone experienced and entertaining, and it will be the highlight of your night – and might just come in handy on that wedding night for the bride-to-be.



Katrina McKay is the resident sexpert and CEO of Ohhh Canada. Based in Toronto, Katrina jetsets around the world helping others “express their sexy” in healthy ways. With her quirky and charismatic style, Katrina’s become a sought-after speaker. She’s spoken everywhere from LA to Mumbai. Katrina is available for private and public events – please email bookings@ohhhcanada.ca You can also keep in touch via her Facebook page or on Twitter.